Honey and lemon

Honey and lemon for weight loss

Obesity is an epidemic in many Western countries, and many more people find themselves constantly coping with a few extra pounds. People take very drastic measures once their weight becomes dangerous, having major surgery to reduce the size of the … Read More

Honey dripping in jar

Is honey good for you

Honey can be viewed from a health perspective as an energy booster, immune system builder and ideal remedy for common ailments. The natural energy booster Honey has many benefits apart from its sweetness. Honey is said to be a carbohydrate … Read More

Honey and honey stick

Calories in honey

Over the last couple of years there has been increased debate on the calorific significance of honey and if it really contains more calories relative to sugar. The difference is that in equal quantity of a table spoon, honey contains … Read More

Raw honey from jar

Raw unfiltered honey

You might get to think that honey in itself is raw and not really see the main significance of this discussion. Raw honey is ideally the concentrated nectar that comes from flowers. Raw honey is said to be unpasteurized, unheated, … Read More

jar of honey

Is honey good for your face

You can easily concoct you beauty or facial treats through use of honey. You can use honey for anti aging and skin care, and pampering to give your body some nourishment. The best thing with creating your own home face … Read More

Bees collecting bee pollen

Bee pollen benefits

Bee pollen benefits health in many ways when taken as a dietary supplement. It is actually the dust-sized powder-like seed found on flower stamens. This pollen collects on honeybees are they move from blossom to blossom, providing reproduction for the plant. There … Read More

Scooping out delicious honey

6 awesome honey recipes

You know how great honey can be as a general-purpose sweetener and natural health food, but it can also be used in very creative ways in recipes. Here are 6 honey recipes worth trying. 1. Honey pepper tenderloin One 6 … Read More

Jar of cactus honey powder

Cactus honey powder

You may have heard about something called Cactus Honey Powder and wondered exactly what it is and how it’s related to honey. Does it have benefits of honey? Here are some of the findings on exactly what Cactus Honey Powder … Read More

Raw honey

Raw Honey

Raw honey has been revered for its amazing taste and health benefits for thousands of years. Archaeologists studying ancient Egyptian tombs discovered plenty of interesting things when they unearthed mummies and skeletons. For example, Egyptian kings’ bodies were placed in … Read More