Honey and cinnamon drink

Honey and Cinnamon Recipe for weight loss

You must have heard people saying that the mixture of honey and cinnamon can help you fight off different health problems, including gas, indigestion, hearing loss, bad breath, fatigue, and pimples; in fact, it can also cure bones and stomach cancer. But … Read More

Honey and cinnamon benefits

Benefits of honey and cinnamon

Cinnamon and honey have been used widely in the field of medicine for some decades now. Honey has been an all time mans best source of sweetness while cinnamon has been used by a couple people as spices in foods. … Read More

Honey and sugar

Is honey healthy than sugar?

Many people have not really come to appreciate the difference between sugar and honey. They argue that there is no much disparity between these two products. You are bound to get such erroneous statements and many a times emanating from … Read More