Benefits of honey and cinnamon

Cinnamon and honey have been used widely in the field of medicine for some decades now. Honey has been an all time mans best source of sweetness while cinnamon has been used by a couple people as spices in foods. Both of these products are known to treat a number of illnesses and are adopted as ideal home remedies to be used in many diseases. Both of these products help to inhibit the growth of fungi and bacteria in affected areas of the body. This is through the oils found in cinnamon and the enzyme capability found in honey.

Honey and cinnamon are used in medicine, as beverages and also as preservatives for a couple of industrially manufactured products. The preservative ability comes as a result of the presence of antimicrobial properties. Many traditional and native doctors use a mixture of these products to treat a couple of disease and also boost some health aspects.

Below are some diseases that are known to be cured using cinnamon and honey.

Heart disease: The remedy for this is to apply cinnamon powder and honey on bread instead of using butter and jam.

  1. Arthritis: Apply a mixture of these two components while massaging the affected area gently.
  2. Hair loss: Apply cinnamon or honey on the affected area, leave for about 15 minutes and then wash with some lukewarm water.
  3. Bladder infection: Mix honey and cinnamon in a glass of warm water, then drink.
  4. Toothache: You can apply some cinnamon powder or honey paste on the affected tooth.
  5. Cholesterol: Add honey to hot tea and then drink.about:blank
  6. Colds: mix cinnamon and honey and add them to a glass of warm water. Take this two times a day for effective boost of your immune system.
  7. Indigestion: To reduce acidity in the stomach, sprinkle some cinnamon on a spoonful of honey and take about half an hour before a meal.
  8. Longevity: make sure that you take tea that has been mixed with cinnamon and honey for better health.Pimples: apply some paste of honey and cinnamon early in the morning before the day starts and before you retire to bed.
  9. Obesity: before taking anything in the morning, make sure that you take a cup of warm water accompanied with a mixture of honey and cinnamon.
  10. Bad breath: brushing teeth and the tongue using some cinnamon can really help to keep your mouth smelling fresh all day long.

Honey and cinnamon are not only used as remedies for illnesses but they are also used to give foods some fine fragrances. They have been widely used to give foods taste and especially the processed foods.

Cinnamon is much recommended for people with high blood sugar levels because it contains polyphenol which helps to deal with this condition. Honey, on the other hand is very effective in the metabolism of fats and boosts the production of hormones.