Calories in honey

Over the last couple of years there has been increased debate on the calorific significance of honey and if it really contains more calories relative to sugar. The difference is that in equal quantity of a table spoon, honey contains 64 calories while sugar contains 46 calories. Many people however tend to shun honey because of its sweetness. Many are also lack the knowledge about the nutritional significance of honey. Many people on other hand still hold on to the use of honey owing to its richness in vitamins and nutrients that are very useful in digestion. Honey also has some anti-oxidants that are useful in resolving a couple of health issues and complications. Honey is very much recommended by health and nutrition experts around the world because of the many health related benefits.

Both honey and sugar are composed of fructose and glucose. Table sugar contains both these elements as a single component while in honey; the two components are two individual units. The main reason why you are bound to get fructose being used in majority of food substances is because it is relatively sweeter compared to glucose. The only drawback associated with fructose is the fact that it does not effectively turn to energy. This is the reason why many foods that contain sugar tend to change easily into fat stores than honey. Honey is known around the globe as a top sweetener. It is processed by heating in order to prevent yeast fermentation and crystallization during storage. Natural sugar undergoes many processing phases to generate sugar thereby leaving the final product devoid of major nutrients that are essential to the body, This explains why in many third world countries, man of the obese people are malnourished.

In order to keep healthy, it is important to make sure that you reduce your intake of chocolate and other sweet junkies. For people who simply cannot these sweet products, it is important to try and adopt some sweet nutrient-rich alternative like bee honey. Fruits and vegetables are rich sources of fibre that helps you deal well with constipation. Consumption of foods that are rich in fats and proteins is vital for healthy living. A balanced diet is important for curbing fluctuations in the level of glucose in blood. Obesity is increased by high intake of sugar which is known to be rich in calories. Hypoglycemia is the reaction that the body poses to high sugar levels. This condition is characterized by headache, nervousness, confusion, sweating, and irritability among other characteristics. These reactions are as a result of the reaction of the pancreas producing much insulin to deal with the high levels of sugar introduced into the system.

Many people might not really appreciate the real significance of this product. However, people who are grappling with weight problems or are on diet must know how to use this. TheĀ calorie counterĀ is a record facility for people to register the amount of calories they intend to take in through the variety of foods consumed during the day.

Many people get confused when it comes to the actual computations of these results. The calorie count is not easy to do and it is important to seek guidance from an expert. The problem with the calorie count comes in relating the kilo, which for many means 1000 units which apparently does not hold much sense in calculating calories. This is because we are told that the average daily calorie intake in an adult should be 2000.

There is no standard amount of daily consumption of honey but a tablespoon can save the day.