Honey and Cinnamon Recipe for weight loss

You must have heard people saying that the mixture of honey and cinnamon can help you fight off different health problems, including gas, indigestion, hearing loss, bad breath, fatigue, and pimples; in fact, it can also cure bones and stomach cancer. But what you may not be aware of is that honey and cinnamon can help a lot in your weight loss efforts. Here’s the recipe that will help you get rid of those extra pounds.

Honey and cinnamon tea
Honey and cinnamon tea

Before using this recipe, just keep in mind that you should prepare it before going to bed, as this is when it offers the best results.

  • Use two parts raw honey and one part cinnamon. You can also choose to go with one tablespoon honey and half tablespoon cinnamon, but do make sure you use it in the ratio of 1 to 2.
  • Boil some water; 8 oz of it will do the job.
  • Empty this cup of water in cinnamon. Cover it and let it be in this position for no less than half an hour.
  • Add honey now, but ensure that it is not hot as the heat is not good for the nutrients and enzymes available in the raw honey.
  • Now, you should drink the half of this before you go to sleep at night. Just cover the rest of it and keep it there to be refrigerated. Drink this remaining half in the morning. Do keep in mind that there is no need to re-heat it; in fact, it is recommended to drink it at room temperature or even if it is cold.

This simple recipe will make you see some amazing results in a short time. It is worth mentioning that though you will be tempted to use lemon, vinegar or other such things to improve its efficacy, but keep yourself from doing so. This simple recipe is so powerful that it needs nothing else and works on its own to help you have a better body. Another important thing is that in the beginning, you will see this recipe working at a great pace and you will lose inches. But with time, you will hit a plateau, which is normal. It usually happens because the mixture of cinnamon and honey cleans out bacteria, fungus, and other parasites to improve digestion. Once this cleansing procedure completes, the weight loss process will slow down a bit. Just keep using it to enjoy the good results.