Is honey good for you

Honey can be viewed from a health perspective as an energy booster, immune system builder and ideal remedy for common ailments.

The natural energy booster

Honey has many benefits apart from its sweetness. Honey is said to be a carbohydrate source. Carbohydrates are known as energy giving foods. Many athletes have confessed of the benefits they get out of using honey. Honey helps to increase endurance, performance and also reduce muscle fatigue. The glucose component of honey is easily absorbed into the body thus being an on-effect energy booster to you. Fructose on the other hand is slowly absorbed thus sustaining energy. Honey is also known to keep blood sugar levels at a constant state.

You probably need some handy tips to help you better appreciate these benefits. The next time you go for a workout, make sure that you take a tablespoon of honey to boost your endurance. Apply some honey on your slices of bread in the morning before setting out to face the challenges of the day. If your children are having hardships in handling the challenges at school and in the playfield, make sure you add a touch of honey to their packed lunch.

The immunity system builder

This is the other major benefit that you get from using honey daily. The antibacterial and antioxidant properties in honey help to improving digestion thereby increasing the body’s ability to fight diseases and stay healthy. You can opt to use honey with some lemon to see even better results in relation to these health benefits. Take some honey as part of your breakfast every day to make sure you stay strong throughout the day.

Honey- the anti-cancer

Honey is not really used directly in the cure of cancer. However, it contains component that are known to have anti-tumor and carcinogen-preventing properties.

Honey as a remedy for ailments

Cuts and burns:

The antiseptic properties of honey help to inhibit growth of bacteria while also ensuring that open wounds are free from infection and clean at all times. It is also an ideal first aid asset for burns, cuts and wounds. This is because it has the ability to absorb atmospheric moisture which helps in fastening healing. The antibacterial property works to make sure that there is less inflammation experienced on the affected area. The antibacterial also make sure that there are less chances of introduction of harmful substances to the affected area. A special type of honey called UMF Manuka is widely used for dressing of wounds because it is said to have strong antibacterial properties.


Honey is useful for curing hangover after drinking alcohol excessively. Honey is highly gentle on the stomach. It also contains fructose which helps in fastening the oxidation of alcohol by the liver.

Sore throats:

Honey is known also for treating sore throats. This function is because of its antimicrobial property. It is also ideal for killing the bacteria that cause the infection. Performers and artistes use honey to soothe their throats before they can perform at a concert. If you experience a sore throat, just take a mixture of warm water, lemon and UMF Manuka honey which is regarded as one of the best honey type for this. The UMF Manuka honey is preferred because, as compared to the other honey varieties, it has a higher anti-bacterial effect.


If you are having problems getting to sleep, a table spoon of honey mixed with a glass of milk will help to induce a relaxed mood in your system thus inducing sleep.