Is honey good for your face

You can easily concoct you beauty or facial treats through use of honey. You can use honey for anti aging and skin care, and pampering to give your body some nourishment. The best thing with creating your own home face masks is that you will have the freedom to decide on what ingredients to use and you will not need to use any chemical additives that might react negatively with your body.

Honey has been used over a couple of past decades to alleviate the effects of ageing. Some of the most beautiful women in the world over the years like Poppea the wife of the Rome emperor and Cleopatra went into the records books for using honey for the face. Honey is also used in hair treatments. Honey is applicable in skin medication because it contains glucose oxidase which produces hydrogen peroxide when mixed with water. Hydrogen peroxide is an ideal antiseptic that is useful in reducing skin inflammations and irritation. On the other hand, honey also contains flavanoids and antioxidants that are known to function well as antibacterial agents. It also helps the skin to retain more moisture thus reducing the chances of skin parches. Apart from inhibiting moisture loss, honey also helps in replenishing the skin. This probably explains why golden liquid is used widely in creams, cleansers, shower gels, shampoos, and hair conditioners. Honey does not react with the skin; therefore it is suitable for use even for baby care products.

How face masks work on troubled skin

The skin is the body’s protective organ that prevents the internal body organs from any harm. It helps to retain moisture within the body and also keep any harmful substances outside the body. The retention of moisture makes the skin look and feel naturally beautiful, soft, elastic and supple. There are many environmental conditions that can cause the skin to look fatigued and dry. These include hot sun, air pollution from manufacturing industries, and dust. These environmental conditions if combined with lack of sleep and long working hours are the main causes of aging and wrinkled skin. People who like applying creams and lotions on the skin are also at risk of falling into this trap. The lotions block the pores of the skin thus inhibiting the introduction of oxygen from outside and carbon dioxide being eliminated from inside the body. This is a major factor in the lack of skin beauty and glow.

This therefore means you need some solution that will work best in such scenarios. Facial masks are widely advocated for. They are said to be thicker compared to tropical treatments. They also help to give the skin warmth and are useful for opening of skin pores to allow oxygen to penetrate in.about:blank

All face masks are said to have a skin cleansing effect. It helps to remove any debris or pollutants that may be sticking on the skin and making it not function as it should. The type of face mask applied on you will depend on your type of skin, and the materials that are used in making the product. Many face masks make use of clay because it is said to be very ideal in absorption of water. Clay also helps to do away with dead cells so that the skin looks much beautiful and youthful. The removal of the dead cells is also regarded as a handy measure in dealing with skin wrinkling. The antioxidants present in facials help protect the skin from harmful radicals. Facial masks are suited for both dry and oily skin. For dry skin, they are used for retention of moisture while in the oily skin scenario; they are used for hydrating the skin to an optimal hydro condition.

You do not have to apply the facial masks each and every day. A single application a week will help to keep your skin looking healthy, moisturized and youthful. You need to apply the face mask to a clean face and allow some twenty minutes for it to take effect. You can then wash your face with some lukewarm water and then apply some cream or moisturizer.

Carrots, papaya, lemons and avocados are also very ideal for rejuvenating dry and wrinkled skin.