Is honey healthy than sugar?

Many people have not really come to appreciate the difference between sugar and honey. They argue that there is no much disparity between these two products. You are bound to get such erroneous statements and many a times emanating from medical professionals.

The argument is not about eating honey in excess to compensate on the deficiency in table sugars in the system. I want to exonerate some of the aspects that make honey a more beneficial and healthy product than table sugar. What people have to know is that there are three major variants of sugar, the good, the bad and the dangerous. If you are looking to lose some weight, honey will definitely work well for your case.

Honey is the only sugar that is known to be medicinal, anabolic, anti-cancer, antiseptic, liver friendly and gentle on blood sugar. Honey is also very ideal for fat burning and prevention from common illnesses. We cannot also forget that honey is a sweetener in its own and natures own giving. In the agricultural front, bees are viewed as basic pollination agents that help in transfer of pollen grains from flower to flower and plant to plant. They are also very efficient in yielding this sticky liquid (honey) that is used for health and diet purposes. You might not really seem to notice the effects after using honey for three days but down the line; say a month or so, you will surely see its significance. To the obese, honey comes as a lifetime relief from the stresses of weight gain. Honey is known to help cure common illnesses like cough, sinus, eczema, arthritis, pains and burns among a couple of others. Diabetes is known to be closely linked with weight gain so if honey works to help in reduction of weight, this therefore means that chances of getting diabetes is lessened considerably.

By reading on in this article, you will get to better appreciate the significance of honey in terms of health. Maybe this might be a complete turn around in your life. It will definitely make you view life from a totally different perspective. The main purpose of this website is to exonerate honey and cut down on the perception that it is just a natural sweetener. More and more people have to really appreciate the contributions that honey has to make towards a healthy living.

Sugar has very minimal health benefits. This is why it is advocated for use to many children around the globe. This article puts much emphasis on some of the health- related aspects in which honey beats other artificial sweeteners. As a matter of fact, the use of manufactured table sugars seems to be taken over by time. Table sugars are said to lose more nutrients during the manufacturing process. This means that when you use them for you tea for breakfast, you mainly use them as sweeteners and nothing much.